With Care4u, patients are able to pay and track medical bills for their dependents, without needing a personal assistant to keep all the payments deadlines, bill notifications, and reminders straight. Unlike the current multi-week, multi-step, multi-channel billing process in use, our customers can pay their provider instantly, schedule installments, and track medical spend from their smartphones with minimal fuss, optimized structure, and pragmatic reminder features. 

Care4u provides patients and providers better insight into their cash-flow based on payment selections. Providers are able to trigger debt collection at a fraction of the 40% commission rate that is the current industry standard on funds recovered. We take an essential, yet deeply loathed activity, and reduce the time spent to a few seconds of review and selection and automatic completion of payment thereafter. Patients core reasons for nonpayment are addressed and where payments are missed, the opportunity to engage with the patient via their smartphone means guaranteed reminder viewing. What’s more, unpaid bills can hurt patients’ credit scores for 7.5 years from the missed payment – even after the bill is settled. Doctors feel this strains their bond with their patients but have lack the time and resources to guide the patients through the payment process themselves.

Care4u’s bill recovery provides a safety net and pathway for users to return to normalized payment schedules in the event that they miss a payment.

By overall estimation, we project Care4U evaluation is worth at least 20MM at this point.

Care4U is an easy, fast and much more efficient solution application and system product.

 Care4u consists of a patient offering and a provider offering. The patient offering comprises a mobile app and website for patients to track and pay medical co-payments and remainder out-of-pocket spend to participating clinics and providers. The provider offering comprises API integrations to popular practice management and billing suites, as well as a website for provider administrative use, allowing clinics to track co-payments and trigger payment prompts. 

While Care4u is addressing a need in the medical payments market, it is in fact a FinTech company. Our backend services are built to provide API services, interact with payment providers and other 3rd party and partner systems.


Our pilot market focuses on pediatrics and we plan to move into the natural extension of this consumer base by targeting pre- and post-natal maternity market in a second pilot program. Pediatrics has a limited number of specialty referrals with a high frequency of visits so it was selected as the beachhead market since it offers room to scale, without requiring the product to integrate with dozens of partner platforms for MVP testing. Additionally, the positive response we received in our customer discovery has been even more notable now that we are re-examining our early findings targeting parents only.  


Annual medical spend in the US with $1.5B on pediatric spend in the NY market alone. Each year, lost nonpayment only 15% got recovered.