What Problem We are Solving

Care4u product helps patients pay their medical bills, and providers recover missed payments. Of healthcare expenses in medical services, $170 billion are paid out-of-pocket by patients. Moreover, the amount of debt accumulated across the country due to unpaid bills is estimated at about $40 billion.  Care4u APP tracks the bill process for users and their dependents, and offers both instant payment features and provider-approved installment plans. This enables users to manage their cash flow needs, pay providers on time, and prevent their credit score from taking a hit from unpaid bills.

Users can monitor family plans and can keep track of pre-tax medical spend from the same place they pay medical bills, while providers receive more of the revenue previously lost to nonpayment. The market for out-of-pocket medical payments is ready for an innovative solution. Providers and patients both suffer from excessive complexity and delays in the bill cycle. Today, it takes 3.3 bills for providers to receive complete payment from patients, costing providers $25B of revenue loss annually. The payment management systems on the market – although wildly profitable and successful – only address the pain points of healthcare providers, not patients. Since the burden of non-payment lies with the patient, it made sense to explore product ideas that could facilitate greater bill payment rates and tackle the main reasons patients leave medical bills outstanding.
Today, there are a number of products and companies that offer services and solutions for clinics and hospitals. However, none have a patient payment app. Our consumer research revealed that consumers are receptive to managing out-of-pocket payments on their mobile devices. 

Venture Highlights

  • Product on-Demand Analysis
  • Project Context and Time-Line Estimation
  • Business Plan, model and Scopes
  • Co-Founder Agreements
  • Market Research Report
  • Business Requirement Proposal
  • Client and 3rd party service provider Contacts or Evaluation
  • Solution Architecture and platform Modules
  • System Design and Data Flow Diagram
  • APP Flow Chart and UI/UX Design
  • Team Resource Recruitment
  • Web Page XML Programing 
  • Application Backend Development
  • Domain Hosting and Website Builds
  • Product Brand Registration
  • Others such as QA, UAT or Launch, client site release

Business Model

Care4u is pre-revenue so our model still requires further validation. Our billing model is comprised of fees paid to process payment transactions that occur through the app (standard market rates $0.30 per transaction + 3.00%). On non-payment recovery, a sliding commission scale is charged in place of the 40% market rate used by collection agencies. We are in the process of examining the likely frequency of non-payment and how this would impact our profit assumptions and user acquisition targets.  

At the copay stage, Care4u’s function (and charges) are on par with the market standard rates for other billing platforms. It is only when patients miss bills that the Care4u payment recovery features are activated. We initially planned to undercut the 40% cut taken by traditional collection agents but some doctors have said they would be willing to pay a premium at or above the rate for early bill completion and not having to damage the doctor patient bond. By using Care4u first, the integrity of the doctor-patient bond isn’t put at risk by exposing the patient to negative credit impact as a first recovery step.

We present a solution to doctors that costs far less than standard collection agencies while leveraging the consumer acceptance to take prompts and have behavior triggered by smartphone apps. It’s a win-win for both sides.

Competitive Advantage

  1. Huge market demands and Potential clients
  2. Top talent people with professional capability
  3. Obviously user and technology trend 
  4. Cutting-edge solution through excellent design
  5. Almost completed App development
  6. Strong service support associated to available providers
  7. Superior passion plus commitment

Go-To Market Strategy

  • New York City locally by 2019
  • expand to other U.S major cities by 2020
  • services available at all states by 2023


We are open to meeting up to grab a coffee, or just to chat. We would really enjoy your feedback and insight into our venture and would be happy to discuss anything that you are currently working on to see if we can be of service!